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Manufacturer of Labels for ARGOX Printers

MINDWARE – Manufacturer of Labels for ARGOX Printers


MINDWARE  have established a  nationwide network to supply the on demand labels and tags for the custom products and many other portfolios for the ARGOX Printer. MINDWARE is a  authorized manufacturing Partner with ARGOX to manufacture the labels for the ARGOX printers. We MINDWARE focus on adding value to your business with blank and printed materials for product identification, labeling, decoration and promotional advertising. We take pride in the diversity of our products and our ability to deliver with the speed, flexibility, dependability and responsiveness so often demanded in today’s business environment.


MINDWARE Barcode Sticker labels use high quality printing methods and a variety of Quality printing and surface protection are critical to label permanence as well. Surface laminates on all asset tags to avoid wear from cleaning, polishing and resistance to frequent handling. Labels for each model of the ARGOX printer are manufactured on a large scale and many of the labels of the standard size are always in the stock and the special size labels are manufactured on the order immediately.


Mindware also the authorized service provider for the ARGOX  and provides all of the accessories and original equipment’s of the ARGOX printer. All the spares parts and the consumables of ARGOX  such as print head, ribbons, labels and other accessories are in the stock of Mindware and you can also buy these consumables at our online portal www.mindwareindia.com

Types of Label we Manufacture: –



Labels for Argox CP 2140 Printer, Labels for Argox CP 3140Printer, Labels for Argox G-6000 Printer, Labels for Argox X-1000VL Printer, Labels for Argox X-2000VPrinter, Labels for Argox X 2300E Printer, Argox labels


If you are not able to meet your requirements, Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce custom label tags with multi colours in the size and material you need and many of the varieties and the standard sizes always remain in the stock ready to be shipped.

In case if you are a fresh buyer of Labels from us, and are not confident about the quality or type of Label please try the sample free of cost.


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